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Mood swinging like a pendulum...

Almost a month since I last joined Conrad as a full time. Fair share of stress and fun. And got to know two new friends whom I'm now quite on good terms with. Fadli and Azlan. Our Origin contracter and SPM guy. Basically quite nice guys, I should say. At least they make my work more enjoyable.

Weeks and weeks of working. I'm beginning to feel tired of working there... Have a sudden urge to give up and search for job else where. Perhaps they are right... Students from TP will never stay at the hotel for long. Bah... Weeks ago, I thought I would make them eat their words... But now I guess, there are some basis to what they say. *sigh*

But the reasons that put together is what make me consider leaving... First, their unpredictable mood swings... And it's not just one person you have to face... There are so many god damn ppl in the office that you have to put up with... Darn it! I never show my mood swings or temper... Not even to those room attendants under me... Why the hell should I put up with theirs??! And then the increasing stress... More and more things to be done, more and more things to take charge, more and more stuff to handle... Damn it... Now we have to walkie the related departments ourselves and no longer through the coordinator... Working directly with Front Office and Engineering! God damn it! I hate interacting with them... Or rather, some of them... There are some pretty nice guys in engineering though... Erm... Or rather pretty little...

And then, I have to answer funny and interesting questions like... Why don't you consider this guy or that guy? Duh... Hello... I'm only 20... Stop thinking that I'm being left on the shelf! Or rather, I'm not considering another relationship as yet... Not when I haven't got over the previous one... Bah...

Working there has it's fun though... You get to meet alot of ppl, get to see interesting matters, get to view celebrities, get to have fun on the floors where there are no supervision going on... Honestly, I'm thinking if I quit now, what would Choy Lay say... I remembered telling her that I would work for a year when we were discussing about me going full time the last time... But now... I haven't even reached the three months confirmation... One year suddenly seems so far away... *sigh*


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