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Tell me when it's time for me to wake up from the dream...

More than two months since I last updated this god damn journal... Guess I've been real busy... So busy that I felt I have drifted away from reality. lol


noera , I'm fine. Thanks alot. Haven't been logging in for so long that I didn't realised you left a msg for me. Nope, my attachment have ended one year back... lol I'm on full time now. And yes, backstabbers are so frequent in this environment that sometimes I just grow tired of it. Guess reality and the anime world always have a big gap in difference. I miss you and keaxy . Guess we should really catch up some other time. Hope everything is fine with school and all. *hugs*


Going on to midnight shift tonight and it's for a total of three midnights... lol First night and I'm already beginning to feel so tired.  How am I suppose to last through the three nights........


*stares at the numbers of unfinished fics* I'm beginning to feel so old all of a sudden... *gags* And so lazy to complete all those unfinished fics... *sigh* I need a break!!!


Someone just got promoted at my work place... So how should I be feeling? Bah... Numbness, I guess... Perhaps it's already the knowledge all along, knowing that the next to be promoted would be her... Hey! Who else would actually do things out of their own job scope and trying to prove to others as much as she would... Saa... I don't know... I just don't like her, and I guess some at my work  place would know that... I would be a fool if I actually would like someone who backstabs me... Not me! She's a sucker.


*glances* Guess that's all I have to complain for now... Wonder when's the next time that I actually would update this journal... lol

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