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Random Rambling

How long have I actually disappeared? Actually, I've lost count of it... Months, maybe a year or two.Life's been pretty hectic, I guess. No more of those times of freedom and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. The responsibilities is weighing down... And I guess, it's pretty tough. Getting too difficult for me to breathe. I hope I can pull thru this.

A change of job, change of environment, I thought it would at least do me some good. Away from all those backstabbings and gossips. But I guessed, it didn't work. I'm getting a little paranoid and I guess I really need some time off. Didn't expect it to get tougher as I grow older.

I missed those days of fun and laughter with friends from school, from anime or wherever I've met them. Gone are the days, never to be found again. Or rather, I lack the energy to find them all over again.

*Growls* I'm rambling again, I guess. Sigh... Guess I'm done for today and God knows when will be the next time I log on to ramble again.
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