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Don't Bother. I'm Wailing

Gosh...I'm SLEEPY... Half an hour more to lunch time. Time for me to take a break. I WANT A HOLIDAY!!! Darn.... My plans for a HK trip next month is dashed. Coz my grandma sprained her ankle last month and is still recuperating. *wails* I WANNA A BREAK!!! Kee Kee is going back to Sarawak soon. Or rather next wk. Gonna miss her for sure. *sobs* Perhaps I should go for a retreat in Sarawak and take a nice short break there. *beams* 

Saa... Just a thought. Wondering if Janice wants to go HK for some fun this year. Coz I'm planning for a trip to Korea next year. So it's going to be budget tight. >____< Hates this... 

Meeting up with Kee Kee this Friday. Damn. I haven't applied for my half day leave yet. Going to make sure Janice comes along. Haha... And adino is coming along as well. Sigh... Wonder when will be the next time that we will actually get to catch up with each other like this. -__-

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