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When Can I Get Out Of This??

Sometimes, when I look back in life, I realised that so many things have changed. The once visibly clear innocence have became nothing but a blur vision in this polluted and corrupted world. Time changes a person.

Wherever you go in this world, it's always best to put on a mask to avoid getting hurt. A mask that only shows a smiling and obliging facade. In this world, because it's so full of hurt and lies, people are looking for all the good things. So, if you show yourself to be a nice, sweet and understanding person, people will like you. But isn't it a torture to be obliging all the time and show others what they want to see and you can't even be the person you truly are? So hypocritical. But then again, everyone is playing the role of a hypocrite at one time or another in this society. To survive, to gain a firm standing, to be liked, to be popular. Much as I hate hypocrites, I have to admit that I'm one sometimes. To avoid getting into conflict, to avoid misunderstandings, to keep the harmony that is present among the colleagues. After all, as the chinese saying goes "见人说人话,见鬼说鬼话." How true. This is SOCIETY. Learn to accept it. When you are in this society, you have to know how to be flexible.

Two years have passed since I last stepped into the working society upon graduation from tertiary education. I've learnt so many valuable lessons. Or rather, survival skills in this competitive world. I've learnt not to trust just anybody, learnt to be independent, learnt to work with others, to be a team player, to fight back when necessary, learnt that things don't always go the way we expect, and learnt that true friends play a very important part in our lives.

True friends are the pillar of support that holds you when you fall back, the comfort that embrace you when you are down, the hand that lifts you up when you fall and the faithful audience when you need a listening ear. In front of them, you can take off the mask that you wear in front of others. Maybe not taking it off totally, but enough to let you breath normally. In my working life, I've met so many people. From working in the hotel to working in a logistics company.  知己难觅...... Perhaps it's really a blessing that I have met some true friends who's always there to provide advice and assistance when I need it most.

Perhaps it's time I learn to look into the wider perspective of life. Learn to look beyond the current and embrace the unknown future. Juggling with work, studies, hobbies, guitar and the upcoming piano lessons, life's just gets busier. But always know how to find joy in the things you are doing. Only then, you will live a life with no regrets. Maybe, just maybe.............

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