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The Essence of Life

Life is so vulnerable. Just two days ago, a few colleagues of mine met with an accident while out for lunch. It was just so totally unexpected. The fortunate thing was that they are not too badly injured and was back to work this morning. 

Lately, it seems, there are so many traffic accidents that's happening around me. Shocking. It makes me start to think that human beings are really too fragile. Just a wrong move and you will be gone to the other world. A colleague was telling me that a friend of her insurance agent just passed away recently. A healthy young man in his early thirties, eats and live a healthy lifestyle. He just collapsed and left his wife and family members without a word.

Maybe it's because that life is so fragile, that we should make the most of it, while we still are in possession of it. Do the things that you have always want to do, make the decisions that you know you want, enjoy the life and savour every minute of it. Life is too precious to be wasted. I once saw this phrase "Enjoy the dance before the music stops". Perhaps it's time we really take a slower pace in life, to enjoy the things that we have too often missed out because we are too busy. Enjoy time with you family members and friends, appreciate the wonderful nature that is present, pick up the hobbies that you have left behind, spend some time just being silly and child-like all over again.

There is no time to regret what you have or have not done in the past. Whatever you have missed out, it's never too late to start picking it up. You will never get started if you are just going to stay at where you are and brood over it. Time, once gone, will never return. That's the cruel fact about life. So appreciate it while you have. So that, when you look back in life decades down the road, you will tell yourself "I'm glad I did it." 

Don't hate the fact that you are born into this world. Don't mule over what you do not have, but learn to make full use of what you have. Everyone is born unique, with their own talents and specialties. Everyone is different in one way or another. So, when you think someone else is better than you in some way, look at yourself too, and you will realise that you too, have something better than that someone else. Don't compare with others, but work on your own shortcomings.

Life is just too precious to be missed. It's time that we stop taking it for granted and savour every minute of it.

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