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Who cares what the critics say

As much as the critics say that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, may not be a movie worth watching, I should say it still has its values. Ben Barnes who plays Prince Caspian may appear a little stiff and unnatural in his acting in the inital part of the movie. But as the plot progresses on, it can be seen that he had blended into the storyline and playing his role as Prince Caspian well enough. Although he can't be compared to the Pevensie siblings, his pretty look more than enough made up for it. The only part where I didn't really like Ben Barnes acting was when he charged into Miraz's room and pointed the sword at his neck and demanded:"Did you kill my father?" He very well seems like he's reading direct from the script, expressionless, and his words, lifeless.

In this episode of Narnia, it looks more into the 'grown up' life of the Pevensie siblings. (Although I do wonder how Lucy can grow up so much in one year.) And of course, it's missing some of the more interesting Narnians characters that are shown in the first episode. The storyline is truly much predictable as said by the critics. But, this movie has alot of meanings behind it. As the story progresses, it also shows how Peter, who was stubborn as a mule and refusing to heed any advice initally, goes on to become a understanding and humble person, after some setbacks.

The characters in this story were all played to their full potential, like the dwarf, Trumpkin, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy, Prince Caspian and Miraz. The fight between the good and evil was good, but ended all too fast. The downside to the characters was the appearance of Aslan, who appeared only during the last part of the show and for a good fifteen minutes or so. 

Among the Pevensie sibilings, I should say Peter was still playing his role as well as before, and he of course, has grown into a more mature and good-looking young man. In the show, he has gotten more capable in making his own decisions, as the plot progresses. In the initial fight against Miraz, Peter, as usual was stubborn and insisted on sticking to his own idea of infiltrating the castle. But after the setback he faced, he learnt from his mistakes and appear to be more willing to listen to what others have to say. Even right till the end of the show, he has began to show respect to Prince Caspian, (which he hadn't really initially) and of course, gained respect as the High King of Narnia, as he fought for them. 

Edmund's role in this episode has more potential than in the previous one. He was seen fighting alongside Peter in every single situation and giving his support quietly and unconditionally. He wasn't even put off when Peter put him down for helping him in a fight with other students in the beginning of the show. Susan has also developed into a much better character, who has a mind of her own and doesn't go against Peter in every single decision he makes. Lucy is still the much adorable and well-loved character by the Narnians. Although she has grown up in reality, her character hasn't. And it is that tinge of naivety and innocence that makes her so loved by all. And the progress of the friendship between her and Trumpkin is something really worth watching.

All in all, this show is still worth watching, and definitely one of the best fantasy movies of the year. The plot although can be developed much further, ain't too draggy, which may be a good thing, as movie-goers won't get bored by the movie. Thumbs up for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
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