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Night of the Angels

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Saturday, January 16th, 2016
12:33 pm - A tribute to Alan Rickman [24 February 1946 to Always~]
I haven't typed any kinds of entries in here for so long, but this is something that I absolutely need to get off my chest.

Alan Rickman died on 14 January 2016. The loss of a great man, a giant of the film and stage industry, and according to the comments of most tributes from his closest friends, it's the departure of a man who had a heart so big, it could encompass every single person who had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with him.

I grew up watching Alan Rickman's films. From Galaxy Quest to Sense and Sensibility, Truly Madly Deeply to the Harry Potter films, and many many others. He always surprises, always impresses with the way he immersed himself into roles and portray them in a way no one else ever could - realistic and always leaves an impression in the viewer. He's a talent who gave himself to his trade, who never shied from challenges and who pursued his dreams fearlessly. And as Harry Potter would have said of Severus Snape, it runs true for Alan Rickman too - the bravest man I ever knew...

He inspires, even people whom he would never know in his life, with his quotes, in every encouragement he gave and in every word he spoke in interviews.

There are no words to describe how great a man Alan Rickman is. It was about 8.45pm at where I lived when I read the first news announcing his death. I spent the night after reading that news and the last day intermittently reading the tributes that had poured in from people around the world and still pouring in. There is no doubt to the big heart and warm generosity that this man had for the people around him. And this loss has ripped a big hole in the hearts of the people who undoubtedly love him back.

It had been surreal then, reading news of his death. It seemed so unreal, since I was still talking about him and his upcoming films to friends the day before and how I am eagerly anticipating to view his performance in these films, knowing he never disappoint. It still seemed rather difficult to reconcile that fact to my head now, but it is slowly sinking in.

Alan Rickman is dead, gone on to a better place with no pain. Other than those extraordinary works he had left behind, and which every single one of us will continue to watch and appreciate, there aren't any more to look forward to. There won't be anticipation on what his next role will be, how he will portray it, how he will impress us with his ability to flawlessly fall into the role and live it out. No more of the deep, soothing voice, the elegant arch of eyebrow or even the sneers that no one else can ever do to the same degree of elegance and grace.

It's hitting me harder than I expected it to. It's gut-wrenching and painful and heart shattering for so many of us and I can't even imagine what it must be like for the people who had truly known him and loved him. Or what it must be like for his wife, Rima Horton, who had spent the last 50 years with him. It might be akin to ripping off half of yourself, or worse.

My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and friends. A great talent, a man who brought joy, laughter and entertainment to so many around the world, was taken from us. There will never be another Alan Rickman. Regardless, his legacy lives on. His name will continue to inspire and his works viewed and admired over and over again. He won't be forgotten, always revered, always respected and many years down the road, I will still be able to look back and talk to my loved ones about this great man who once lived, who once inspired me with the words he spoke.


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Friday, January 25th, 2013
10:52 am
Sometimes, it takes a lot to move on. I've never been one to get upset over a failed relationship. Maybe depressed for a couple of days, but I will bounce right back. I didn't think this time, it will hit me so hard, especially when I was the one trying to end it all.

It's really a dilemma. There were moments when I was thinking if I could have done things differently, if it would have turned out differently if I had taken another approach. It's funny how he can actually bring out the best and the worst sides of me. Especially the demanding, immature side of me which I thought I had buried years ago. Many a times, I replayed that day's scene in my head, wondering if it would have been better if I had talked about it amicably. But amicable just wasn't in my dictionary that day. With the way he acted nonchalant about the whole thing just completely got on my nerves.

I'm glad I have good friends who are helping me get through this, who willingly listened and offered sound words, advice and sometimes mild trashing.

Perhaps, if I had ended this half a year ago, I would not have to plunge in this deep. It wasn't working out right from the beginning. And I should have been smart enough to say no. Still, lesson learnt and I'm trying not to dwell in it further. Trying to move on and I won't look back again. I've said what I needed to say, apologised for being too harsh and if he's a man, he will take it and move on too. I have bad luck with guys I think, or I tend to attract the wrong crowd. Damn annoying. But either way, I will get through this and will come out of it stronger. His loss, that he doesn't know how to treasure me. As they say, the best revenge is to live better and happier. So yeah, I will do so. I don't have any more obligations to keep. So clubs, here I come!!

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009
2:08 pm - I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger.
I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is yure_chan@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!

(Thoughts of an Angel)

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
2:09 am - Randomness
And ugh.... I need some KakaIru lovin'.

Too many things to do, too little time. Sometimes I just wonder what's up with my life. God. And I need to start looking for a job now that I've finished my final paper. Sometimes, I just wish life was simpler. What a bad time to graduate. Well, that is, in view of the economic downturn. Give me a guidance, someone up there.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
9:26 am - Just trying to convince myself...
Sometimes, when you realise that time has reached a stop, and you need to consider your next direction in life, that may possibly be the toughest decision to make. I've been through several phases of that, I should say. And the results of each decision always doesn't turn out the way that I want it. And eventually, it always leads to exasperation, depression and lamenting why things in life always doesn't go the way that we want it to.

If life is that simple as to follow the way that we have planned, would we possibly be happier and content with what life has given us? I guess not. If we actually get what we want the way we plan it, most probably, we will just seek for something else. After all, human nature is never easily satisfied.

But somehow, I'm just disappointed at each turning point at what life has to offer me. I have never found my actual direction in life. I thought that by having a diverse range of interests, I may actually be able to find something that I really want to do. But I ended up in greater confusion, never putting my full energy into any of these interests and letting all past efforts go to waste. I guess I'm just a fickle minded creature after all.

When I was intending to pursue my degree, the first option that I opted for was Mass Communications. I decided I wanted to major in Public Relations and Journalism since I have no interest in Marketing or Technology. Less than one year into the studies, I began to regret my decision and thought that I should pursue a course in Animation instead. Knowing it's all too late to turn back, I began trying to convince myself that I'm never cut out for design and should never even attempt at Animation. And I know that if ever my first decision was to go into Animations, someday, I will regret that decision too.

My decisions are always made at an instant and for a while, I will stick to it and even plan out all my future steps. But when I eventually get it, there will always be other things that will make me reconsider if my initial decision was actually right.

Over the years of growing up, perhaps, there were many right decisions that I made, but I never made the effort of sticking to it. Thinking through so many things, I guess I finally find my next direction in life. And this time, I think I will make an effort to stick through it. After all, I guess writing is still my passion after all, though I have no desire to be a journalist.

On another note, I think I've learnt something. Always make the best out of the worst situation. Even if it's a wrong decision, something good will always turn out of it if you put in the effort.

current mood: restless

(Thoughts of an Angel)

Monday, June 2nd, 2008
10:13 am - Who cares what the critics say
As much as the critics say that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, may not be a movie worth watching, I should say it still has its values. Ben Barnes who plays Prince Caspian may appear a little stiff and unnatural in his acting in the inital part of the movie. But as the plot progresses on, it can be seen that he had blended into the storyline and playing his role as Prince Caspian well enough. Although he can't be compared to the Pevensie siblings, his pretty look more than enough made up for it. The only part where I didn't really like Ben Barnes acting was when he charged into Miraz's room and pointed the sword at his neck and demanded:"Did you kill my father?" He very well seems like he's reading direct from the script, expressionless, and his words, lifeless.

In this episode of Narnia, it looks more into the 'grown up' life of the Pevensie siblings. (Although I do wonder how Lucy can grow up so much in one year.) And of course, it's missing some of the more interesting Narnians characters that are shown in the first episode. The storyline is truly much predictable as said by the critics. But, this movie has alot of meanings behind it. As the story progresses, it also shows how Peter, who was stubborn as a mule and refusing to heed any advice initally, goes on to become a understanding and humble person, after some setbacks.

The characters in this story were all played to their full potential, like the dwarf, Trumpkin, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy, Prince Caspian and Miraz. The fight between the good and evil was good, but ended all too fast. The downside to the characters was the appearance of Aslan, who appeared only during the last part of the show and for a good fifteen minutes or so. 

Among the Pevensie sibilings, I should say Peter was still playing his role as well as before, and he of course, has grown into a more mature and good-looking young man. In the show, he has gotten more capable in making his own decisions, as the plot progresses. In the initial fight against Miraz, Peter, as usual was stubborn and insisted on sticking to his own idea of infiltrating the castle. But after the setback he faced, he learnt from his mistakes and appear to be more willing to listen to what others have to say. Even right till the end of the show, he has began to show respect to Prince Caspian, (which he hadn't really initially) and of course, gained respect as the High King of Narnia, as he fought for them. 

Edmund's role in this episode has more potential than in the previous one. He was seen fighting alongside Peter in every single situation and giving his support quietly and unconditionally. He wasn't even put off when Peter put him down for helping him in a fight with other students in the beginning of the show. Susan has also developed into a much better character, who has a mind of her own and doesn't go against Peter in every single decision he makes. Lucy is still the much adorable and well-loved character by the Narnians. Although she has grown up in reality, her character hasn't. And it is that tinge of naivety and innocence that makes her so loved by all. And the progress of the friendship between her and Trumpkin is something really worth watching.

All in all, this show is still worth watching, and definitely one of the best fantasy movies of the year. The plot although can be developed much further, ain't too draggy, which may be a good thing, as movie-goers won't get bored by the movie. Thumbs up for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

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Monday, May 26th, 2008
10:47 am - Disasters and Lives

The recent earthquake in Sichuan and the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, makes me rethink about life and it's vulnerability. Sometimes, we just take things for granted and think that everything will still be the same when we wake up tomorrow. But how often can that happen? The quake and cyclone victims did not expect that within minutes, their world would came crashing down around them, and that they will lose their lives, family members and homes in the split second. 

Sometimes, we do not learn to treasure what we have until we have lost it. How often do we tell our family that we really love them? Or how often do we tell our friends that we appreciate that friendship we have with them? I used to think that things will always remain the same. In fact, I have dwelled into a state of melacholy and numbness towards the things that are happening around me everyday. That is, until my brother passed away two years ago, in an accident. That was when I jolted awake and realised that things have changed --- forever. 

It doesn't seem obvious. But things have and will continue to change. How will the people who lost their families in the disasters live on in the future? Will they ever look at things the same way again? I seriously doubt that. Everytime I see these victims wailing in the news and read the stories that are published in the papers, it seems to me that, no matter how strong they may be, a part of them is gone, buried together with their deceased love ones.

Times have changed to an era where we are no longer able to protect ourselves from what comes next. From natural disasters to viral diseases, how immuned are we actually against such killers? We learn from mistakes. But how many mistakes can we afford, while these killers are taking lives away? Is the world still as beautiful as it seems? Maybe it is --- on the surface.

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Friday, August 24th, 2007
2:31 pm - An inspiring story
Sometimes, life may not turn out the way that you want it. Unhappiness, struggles and stress are all part and parcel of life. 

I remember someone once told me that at some point of your life, you will always have to take a different direction. But until that time comes, always take things in stride and do your best in whatever is being entrusted to you. Only then, you can avoid making you own life miserable. When you start to feel that you are not being treated fairly, or that you will never get what you want, that is the time when you will start to get miserable. And when one is being miserable about the life that he is leading, that's when the whole world turns grey and thoughts become negative and pessimistic.

Never think that life is out to get you. Sometimes, you have to strive to acheive what you want. After all, who in the world is born with everything he wants? Even the richest have to work their way up to reap their reward. God is fair in the first place. He will never give you the best of both worlds. If you want one thing, you will have to give up on the other.

I came across a very inspiring story today, from an email sent by a friend. 

Life is not a race, sometimes, we just have to take it slower. When you race it through your life and look back at some point in time, you will realised on how much you have missed out. Every sgingle day, every single moment, take it with ease and savour it. Here's a quote I remember reading somewhere: ~ When you run so fast to get somewhere, you missed half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, it's like an unopened gift thrown away. Life is not a race, do take it slower. Hear the music, before the song is over.~

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
5:36 pm - Just a random thought.......




喃喃地说 I'm sorry




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2:24 pm
GREAT! I'm feeling sarcastic. And bored. Boredom kills. That I know. However, sometimes, it seems a pretty good thing to get on by in solitude. Hell! I'm contradicting myself. Hey, but man are by nature, contradicting creatures.

Life's getting nowhere. The same environment, the same office, the same routine tasks, the same job scope, the same air, same route to work, same everything. I need a change. I NEED A BREAK!!! And to think I've started working since graduation. Two years without a break. I need a MAJOR break. And I'm lamenting.

Nonetheless, sitting in front of the computer now, typing out my long list of frustrations and trying to figure out the best way to analyze data. And I thought I wasn't employed for that in the first place. >_< Anyway, guess it's time to learn how to swim. Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Get a life! I want a non-deskbound job!! Perhaps studying production would be good. Guess I have to get through my Bachelor first. One more year to go. Should be able to make it. Journalism and PR. Perhaps PR is something that I would want to do. But Journalism.... Maybe as an editor. But definitely not a reporter. -____-

Which means if I were to consider studying media production, I would have to go to Perth in 2009. >____< Should start saving up by now, I guess. For the expenses there. Maybe, just maybe.

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
3:31 pm - 爱与真爱


爱情 -- 曾经拥有过, 也失去过。如果要我从新再选择,我是否会做出和当时同样的决定?是否会再一次的放开手让你离开?我想我会吧。 毕竟,当初选择放弃这段感情,甚至出卖这份信任的人不是我。即然已做出了决定,为什么还要那么执著於这一份不得到上天偏爱的感情?或许,我们都不是彼此生命中注定的对像。既然如此,为何不做得干脆点,走得潇洒些?或许离开了这封闭的心,还能够得到属于自己的真挚爱情。 

曾经失去的,就该放手了。应该珍惜的,是眼前所拥有的。 不要为了过去,而错失了摆在面前所有的一切。



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Thursday, March 29th, 2007
5:04 pm - The Essence of Life

Life is so vulnerable. Just two days ago, a few colleagues of mine met with an accident while out for lunch. It was just so totally unexpected. The fortunate thing was that they are not too badly injured and was back to work this morning. 

Lately, it seems, there are so many traffic accidents that's happening around me. Shocking. It makes me start to think that human beings are really too fragile. Just a wrong move and you will be gone to the other world. A colleague was telling me that a friend of her insurance agent just passed away recently. A healthy young man in his early thirties, eats and live a healthy lifestyle. He just collapsed and left his wife and family members without a word.

Maybe it's because that life is so fragile, that we should make the most of it, while we still are in possession of it. Do the things that you have always want to do, make the decisions that you know you want, enjoy the life and savour every minute of it. Life is too precious to be wasted. I once saw this phrase "Enjoy the dance before the music stops". Perhaps it's time we really take a slower pace in life, to enjoy the things that we have too often missed out because we are too busy. Enjoy time with you family members and friends, appreciate the wonderful nature that is present, pick up the hobbies that you have left behind, spend some time just being silly and child-like all over again.

There is no time to regret what you have or have not done in the past. Whatever you have missed out, it's never too late to start picking it up. You will never get started if you are just going to stay at where you are and brood over it. Time, once gone, will never return. That's the cruel fact about life. So appreciate it while you have. So that, when you look back in life decades down the road, you will tell yourself "I'm glad I did it." 

Don't hate the fact that you are born into this world. Don't mule over what you do not have, but learn to make full use of what you have. Everyone is born unique, with their own talents and specialties. Everyone is different in one way or another. So, when you think someone else is better than you in some way, look at yourself too, and you will realise that you too, have something better than that someone else. Don't compare with others, but work on your own shortcomings.

Life is just too precious to be missed. It's time that we stop taking it for granted and savour every minute of it.

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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
10:52 am - When Can I Get Out Of This??

Sometimes, when I look back in life, I realised that so many things have changed. The once visibly clear innocence have became nothing but a blur vision in this polluted and corrupted world. Time changes a person.

Wherever you go in this world, it's always best to put on a mask to avoid getting hurt. A mask that only shows a smiling and obliging facade. In this world, because it's so full of hurt and lies, people are looking for all the good things. So, if you show yourself to be a nice, sweet and understanding person, people will like you. But isn't it a torture to be obliging all the time and show others what they want to see and you can't even be the person you truly are? So hypocritical. But then again, everyone is playing the role of a hypocrite at one time or another in this society. To survive, to gain a firm standing, to be liked, to be popular. Much as I hate hypocrites, I have to admit that I'm one sometimes. To avoid getting into conflict, to avoid misunderstandings, to keep the harmony that is present among the colleagues. After all, as the chinese saying goes "见人说人话,见鬼说鬼话." How true. This is SOCIETY. Learn to accept it. When you are in this society, you have to know how to be flexible.

Two years have passed since I last stepped into the working society upon graduation from tertiary education. I've learnt so many valuable lessons. Or rather, survival skills in this competitive world. I've learnt not to trust just anybody, learnt to be independent, learnt to work with others, to be a team player, to fight back when necessary, learnt that things don't always go the way we expect, and learnt that true friends play a very important part in our lives.

True friends are the pillar of support that holds you when you fall back, the comfort that embrace you when you are down, the hand that lifts you up when you fall and the faithful audience when you need a listening ear. In front of them, you can take off the mask that you wear in front of others. Maybe not taking it off totally, but enough to let you breath normally. In my working life, I've met so many people. From working in the hotel to working in a logistics company.  知己难觅...... Perhaps it's really a blessing that I have met some true friends who's always there to provide advice and assistance when I need it most.

Perhaps it's time I learn to look into the wider perspective of life. Learn to look beyond the current and embrace the unknown future. Juggling with work, studies, hobbies, guitar and the upcoming piano lessons, life's just gets busier. But always know how to find joy in the things you are doing. Only then, you will live a life with no regrets. Maybe, just maybe.............

current mood: discontent

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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
11:25 am - Don't Bother. I'm Wailing

Gosh...I'm SLEEPY... Half an hour more to lunch time. Time for me to take a break. I WANT A HOLIDAY!!! Darn.... My plans for a HK trip next month is dashed. Coz my grandma sprained her ankle last month and is still recuperating. *wails* I WANNA A BREAK!!! Kee Kee is going back to Sarawak soon. Or rather next wk. Gonna miss her for sure. *sobs* Perhaps I should go for a retreat in Sarawak and take a nice short break there. *beams* 

Saa... Just a thought. Wondering if Janice wants to go HK for some fun this year. Coz I'm planning for a trip to Korea next year. So it's going to be budget tight. >____< Hates this... 

Meeting up with Kee Kee this Friday. Damn. I haven't applied for my half day leave yet. Going to make sure Janice comes along. Haha... And adino is coming along as well. Sigh... Wonder when will be the next time that we will actually get to catch up with each other like this. -__-

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
8:45 am - New resolution of the Year!^.~
Hoi~! I think I should stop beng on hiautus and get back to this journal which I have been forsaking. And hopefully, be able to get back to anime and j-pop soon enough. Guess I have got my rest enough and time to get back to work.

*Yawn* A little too early in the morning. Guess I should stop staring at the screen and get back to work. Oh, before I forget, here's a early wishing you Happy Birthday, keaxy!

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Monday, May 29th, 2006
6:55 pm - Random Rambling
How long have I actually disappeared? Actually, I've lost count of it... Months, maybe a year or two.Life's been pretty hectic, I guess. No more of those times of freedom and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. The responsibilities is weighing down... And I guess, it's pretty tough. Getting too difficult for me to breathe. I hope I can pull thru this.

A change of job, change of environment, I thought it would at least do me some good. Away from all those backstabbings and gossips. But I guessed, it didn't work. I'm getting a little paranoid and I guess I really need some time off. Didn't expect it to get tougher as I grow older.

I missed those days of fun and laughter with friends from school, from anime or wherever I've met them. Gone are the days, never to be found again. Or rather, I lack the energy to find them all over again.

*Growls* I'm rambling again, I guess. Sigh... Guess I'm done for today and God knows when will be the next time I log on to ramble again.

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
3:10 pm - Tell me when it's time for me to wake up from the dream...

More than two months since I last updated this god damn journal... Guess I've been real busy... So busy that I felt I have drifted away from reality. lol


noera , I'm fine. Thanks alot. Haven't been logging in for so long that I didn't realised you left a msg for me. Nope, my attachment have ended one year back... lol I'm on full time now. And yes, backstabbers are so frequent in this environment that sometimes I just grow tired of it. Guess reality and the anime world always have a big gap in difference. I miss you and keaxy . Guess we should really catch up some other time. Hope everything is fine with school and all. *hugs*


Going on to midnight shift tonight and it's for a total of three midnights... lol First night and I'm already beginning to feel so tired.  How am I suppose to last through the three nights........


*stares at the numbers of unfinished fics* I'm beginning to feel so old all of a sudden... *gags* And so lazy to complete all those unfinished fics... *sigh* I need a break!!!


Someone just got promoted at my work place... So how should I be feeling? Bah... Numbness, I guess... Perhaps it's already the knowledge all along, knowing that the next to be promoted would be her... Hey! Who else would actually do things out of their own job scope and trying to prove to others as much as she would... Saa... I don't know... I just don't like her, and I guess some at my work  place would know that... I would be a fool if I actually would like someone who backstabs me... Not me! She's a sucker.


*glances* Guess that's all I have to complain for now... Wonder when's the next time that I actually would update this journal... lol

current mood: grumpy

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
10:31 am - Mumbles... mumbles..........

Damn it! Did I ever mention that I hate backstabbers?? Blah blah.... Step on my toe again and I make sure it's hell for her...

Jay Chou, Edison Chen and Shawn Yue with their entourage stayed in the hotel two weeks back.. Or was it last week? Duh.... Can't remember... Caught a sight of Shawn Yue as he walked past in front of me while I was in the pantry searching for some stuff... Pretty cool guy! Just the other day, caught a glimpse of Victor Wong or rather, Pin Guan... He looks so much better without glasses on...

Life has been getting quite a bore... Adding on to that, I have to work with ppl whom I'm better off without.......... Sigh... Tell me about being patient... -___-

current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
8:20 pm - I'M GIVING UP!!!

Damn hell... Working in the hotel industry seems so glamourous to all my friends... But how many of them actually knows the stress that comes with it... And what's more... The politics in the office... Even though there ain't much ppl in the office...erm... Around 15, I guess... Politics is so much more than in big companies... Sometimes, unknowingly, you get embroiled into the politics fight as well...*sigh*

Ppl there aren't that much human either... Ok, not all of them... But... Sometimes, I just wish those above us have that little bit of human sense in them... Am I exaggerating?

Working first day midnight yesterday was pretty ok... Not too sure how tonight would go though... Five days straight of midnight... Wondering if I would become a panda after that... Duh.......

Got my new handphone.. Nokia 6230i... Shucks... Spent $300 on it, plus a $200 trade-in on my previous Samsung E600-C. This isn't fun... One week of my pay... Damn it... Hmm... Am beginning to regret a little... Duh...

Am getting pissed off with work... Gotta get out of there soon.........>.<

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
10:11 pm - Mood swinging like a pendulum...

Almost a month since I last joined Conrad as a full time. Fair share of stress and fun. And got to know two new friends whom I'm now quite on good terms with. Fadli and Azlan. Our Origin contracter and SPM guy. Basically quite nice guys, I should say. At least they make my work more enjoyable.

Weeks and weeks of working. I'm beginning to feel tired of working there... Have a sudden urge to give up and search for job else where. Perhaps they are right... Students from TP will never stay at the hotel for long. Bah... Weeks ago, I thought I would make them eat their words... But now I guess, there are some basis to what they say. *sigh*

But the reasons that put together is what make me consider leaving... First, their unpredictable mood swings... And it's not just one person you have to face... There are so many god damn ppl in the office that you have to put up with... Darn it! I never show my mood swings or temper... Not even to those room attendants under me... Why the hell should I put up with theirs??! And then the increasing stress... More and more things to be done, more and more things to take charge, more and more stuff to handle... Damn it... Now we have to walkie the related departments ourselves and no longer through the coordinator... Working directly with Front Office and Engineering! God damn it! I hate interacting with them... Or rather, some of them... There are some pretty nice guys in engineering though... Erm... Or rather pretty little...

And then, I have to answer funny and interesting questions like... Why don't you consider this guy or that guy? Duh... Hello... I'm only 20... Stop thinking that I'm being left on the shelf! Or rather, I'm not considering another relationship as yet... Not when I haven't got over the previous one... Bah...

Working there has it's fun though... You get to meet alot of ppl, get to see interesting matters, get to view celebrities, get to have fun on the floors where there are no supervision going on... Honestly, I'm thinking if I quit now, what would Choy Lay say... I remembered telling her that I would work for a year when we were discussing about me going full time the last time... But now... I haven't even reached the three months confirmation... One year suddenly seems so far away... *sigh*


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