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A tribute to Alan Rickman [24 February 1946 to Always~]

I haven't typed any kinds of entries in here for so long, but this is something that I absolutely need to get off my chest.

Alan Rickman died on 14 January 2016. The loss of a great man, a giant of the film and stage industry, and according to the comments of most tributes from his closest friends, it's the departure of a man who had a heart so big, it could encompass every single person who had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with him.

I grew up watching Alan Rickman's films. From Galaxy Quest to Sense and Sensibility, Truly Madly Deeply to the Harry Potter films, and many many others. He always surprises, always impresses with the way he immersed himself into roles and portray them in a way no one else ever could - realistic and always leaves an impression in the viewer. He's a talent who gave himself to his trade, who never shied from challenges and who pursued his dreams fearlessly. And as Harry Potter would have said of Severus Snape, it runs true for Alan Rickman too - the bravest man I ever knew...

He inspires, even people whom he would never know in his life, with his quotes, in every encouragement he gave and in every word he spoke in interviews.

There are no words to describe how great a man Alan Rickman is. It was about 8.45pm at where I lived when I read the first news announcing his death. I spent the night after reading that news and the last day intermittently reading the tributes that had poured in from people around the world and still pouring in. There is no doubt to the big heart and warm generosity that this man had for the people around him. And this loss has ripped a big hole in the hearts of the people who undoubtedly love him back.

It had been surreal then, reading news of his death. It seemed so unreal, since I was still talking about him and his upcoming films to friends the day before and how I am eagerly anticipating to view his performance in these films, knowing he never disappoint. It still seemed rather difficult to reconcile that fact to my head now, but it is slowly sinking in.

Alan Rickman is dead, gone on to a better place with no pain. Other than those extraordinary works he had left behind, and which every single one of us will continue to watch and appreciate, there aren't any more to look forward to. There won't be anticipation on what his next role will be, how he will portray it, how he will impress us with his ability to flawlessly fall into the role and live it out. No more of the deep, soothing voice, the elegant arch of eyebrow or even the sneers that no one else can ever do to the same degree of elegance and grace.

It's hitting me harder than I expected it to. It's gut-wrenching and painful and heart shattering for so many of us and I can't even imagine what it must be like for the people who had truly known him and loved him. Or what it must be like for his wife, Rima Horton, who had spent the last 50 years with him. It might be akin to ripping off half of yourself, or worse.

My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and friends. A great talent, a man who brought joy, laughter and entertainment to so many around the world, was taken from us. There will never be another Alan Rickman. Regardless, his legacy lives on. His name will continue to inspire and his works viewed and admired over and over again. He won't be forgotten, always revered, always respected and many years down the road, I will still be able to look back and talk to my loved ones about this great man who once lived, who once inspired me with the words he spoke.

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